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The 12 Reasons Skeptics Should Believe in Santa Claus

The 12 Reasons Skeptics Should Believe in Santa Claus

Rich Sagall

  1. Historical Authority - Santa Claus has been around for over 1000 years, so he must exist.
  2. Photographic Evidence - There are millions of photos of Santa Claus - they can't all be fakes.
  3. Personal Observation - All of us have seen Santa Claus - sometimes more that one at the same time.
  4. Government Authority - Every Christmas Eve NORAD tracks the progress of his sleigh. If he didn't exist the government wouldn't waste their time.
  5. Parental Authority - No parent would be so callous as to lie to their kids about Santa Claus existing.
  6. Postal Authority - Many kids who write letters to Santa Claus get replies. The US Postal Service wouldn't participate in a fraud by delivering letters that weren't really sent by Santa Claus.
  7. Cookie Monster Authority - What happens to all the cookies and milk that children leave out for Santa on Christmas Eve? How else could Santa get so rotund?
  8. Government Authority - Many governments have designated Christmas, Santa's day, as a national holiday. This wouldn't happen if he wasn't real.
  9. Musical Authority - You're going to tell me all the songs about Santa are about a fictitious character?
  10. Wish Fulfillment - Many of us have asked Santa to bring us something specific for Christmas and it actually arrived.
  11. International Authority - Santa is part of the celebration of Christmas throughout the world. How can he not be real?
  12. Wishful Thinking - Without Santa, life has no meaning. And who wants to life a meaningless life?

And can it be just a coincidence that there are 12 days of Christmas and 12 reason to believe in Santa?

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